When Love Stumbles

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Marriage and family therapist Randi Gunther presents "When Love Stumbles", a guide to overcoming the eight most common stumbling blocks couples encounter. This book presents a six-step plan couples can use to rediscover the spark in their relationships. Drawing on her fifty-five years of marriage and forty years of experience as a psychologist and marriage counselor, Randi Gunther helps readers find the origin of each stumbling block and trace it to the present day, then make the necessary changes to turn the relationship around. Readers learn what went wrong in the relationship and how each partner's behavior keeps this unhealthy cycle in motion. Then, readers discover how they can short-circuit this cycle by making behavioral changes. While these techniques work best when both partners make an effort to use them, one partner in a couple can make significant improvements in the relationship just by changing his or her own relationship habits and behaviors.
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