The Orgasmic Diet


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For the millions of women unable to reach orgasm or for those who want to take their sex lives to a whole new level, here is an easy-to-follow diet and exercise plan proven to increase libido and bring women to orgasm every time they have sex. Safe, healthy, and holistic, The Orgasmic Diet includes four simple parts:

• A diet low in carbohydrates that avoids “orgasm killers” like refined sugar and caffeine
• High doses of fish oil, which has numerous health benefits
• Internal exercises that go far beyond Kegels
• Maintenance of serotonin and dopamine levels for healthy brain function and mind-blowing sex

Unlike other female sexual dysfunction books out there, which focus on psychological issues or new positions to try, The Orgasmic Diet is the first-ever scientifically supported nutritional and exercise method to improve female libido and orgasmic ability. It will change your sex life forever.

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