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4 Figure Flattering Lingerie Styles for Plus-Sized Women

Lingerie is easy to love. Whether it’s a matching bra and panty set that only you know you’re wearing, or a special occasion you can’t wait to share with that special someone, lingerie is the must-have item to keep you feeling sexy at any size.

Plus-size women rejoice, so many styles of lingerie look even better on those who have curves. While you will need to try on and compare styles to discover what you feel the most comfortable donning, here’s a quick list of 4 styles of lingerie that rock for plus-sized women.

Delilah Coreset Waspie Underbust1. The Corset

Look back at any historical pin-up powerhouse (Hello, Marilyn Monroe!) and there should be no question that a corset cinches the waist, shows off those curves and simply screams, glamor and bombshell.

Finding sexy plus-sized corsets is easier than ever as retailers are stocking them in more sizes and colors than ever before. Shy about exposing your midriff? No worries. A corset shows off your best assets and provides plenty of sex appeal without showing too much skin. Pair it with your favorite matching panties and you’re good to go.

Barbara Baby Doll Lingerie

2. The Chemise

Toned down and demure in comparison to the corset, a chemise offers an innocent appeal and doesn’t require even the slightest sacrifice of comfort. A more modest version of a baby doll set, the chemise can easily go from lovemaking, sleep… and then repeat.

3. The Baby Doll Set

The baby doll standard in most lingerie stores for one reason: it looks fantastic on virtually every body type. With their high, empire waist, the fabric drapes to draw the eye away from your mid-section. A playful mix of both cute and sexy, the baby doll with a matching panty is a no-brainer.

4. A Camisole With Matching Panties

Simple, sexy and with just a hint of playful tomboy, a cami and panty set is casual and comfortable while letting you avoid that old faded sweater and those sweatpants that should probably be a rag for polishing the car. From silk to cotton, there’s always going to be a cami and panty set to suit every taste, style and budget.

While these 4 lingerie styles flatter larger sizes, there’s no limit to what you should/shouldn’t wear so long as you feel fabulous. We’d love to know: what are your favorite types of lingerie? Do you have a go-to style or do you like to mix it up a bit?


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